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I graduated from the Starmark Animal Behavior Center as a Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist. I provide dog training that helps owners better communicate and strengthen their bond with their K9 companions using positive reinforcement.




I offer a variety of  services — everything from puppy/dog selection, private lessons, group classes and behavior modification to training canine athletes.





Many dogs love to try new things. We offer training in several different sports such as AGILITY, DISC, NOSE WORK and more!

Clubs and F.U.N.

Oh Good Dog Certified Dog Training is located in the Metro Atlanta (Georgia) area.
Dogs need manners too!

 I have known and seen Kristie work in pet training for years now. She is an amazing dog trainer. She utilizes natural responses in canine instinct and capitalizes on response reward techniques. Her ability to enhance the human/canine relationship as a genuine partnership is unsurpassed.  The training techniques that she teaches are simple and straightforward. Dogs are first shown how to respond properly to each command without the use of force. The owners are then taught how to get their dogs to follow the commands consistently and promptly once the dogs have been given an opportunity to understand what is expected of them. She is very experienced and she is a Certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialist. I highly recommend her.

   - Tracie Williams

Professional Pet Spa 

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