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Kristie Walters

Dallas, GA

Phone: 404-985-7893



Francis Tse

Woodstock, GA

Phone: 858-397-4643



“ Kristie has trained all 3 of my pups and she has been a lifesaver!  I have very high-energy dogs, and she has worked miracles with them....and me! She quickly forms a bond with dogs....which also was amazing since my dogs are very leery of strangers.  I would HIGHLY recommend Kristie,  and will definitely utilize her incredible talent again!”   

             - H. Finn

I've trained 5 dogs in my life. The new labradoodle was a whole new experience. Francis walked in the door and was on top of things in 5 minutes. He taught us how to get the right responses from our dog and how to appropriately reward and correct. Very pleased with the talent he brings to training a dog!                      - P. Heins

"Francis is a very helpful and patient trainer. My dog is a little crazy but he was always kind and understanding with her. He offered solutions to all of the behavior problems I brought up with him and we're already seeing results! Once we tackled the first few training issues he worked with me on some additional training and was very open to working on everything I brought up. We even started on doing some scent games with my dog. I'm very happy!!! Definitely will come back to Francis and Oh Good Dog training in the future if the need arises. :)"

                                    - Mary-Anna B.

If you’re looking for a trainer that’s knowledgeable, patient and dedicated to you and your pup, you have to call Oh Good Dog! Francis came to us and trained in our environment. We have GSD puppy so it was very important that he has obedience training. It only took one session (the first of many) to see a difference in Rocky and we learned tools to continue work on our own. We hope to continue our relationship with Oh Good Dog and continue training for our Rocky. He loves it and so do we!      - I. Smith

Kristie has a strong confidence in her own ability as a trainer and that goes along way when dealing with pets.  It is especially helpful when dealing with pets exhibiting behavioral issues. Kristie has the ability to tailor her technique to the dog she is working with and the owner as well. She is gentle and firm with our older dog and tough when she needs to be with our younger pup.  Sometimes, correcting the problem behavior requires correcting the owner’s approach. Teaching pet parents what they are doing wrong and correcting their bad habits as owners can be a challenge, but Kristie does it with grace and confidence.  She takes time to explain how “bad technique” can lead to further problems, and shares her knowledge freely.  With Kristie, you can always ask questions and get a clear answer.  Some people are naturals when it comes to instructing, Kristie is certainly one of those people!


“We rescued Mocha, a very active year old chocolate lab, in April. She has the sweetest disposition, but had absolutely no manners; she would practically pull your arm off taking a walk down the street, knock us down with excitement when she saw us, and pay no attention to our commands. I cannot say enough about Oh Good Dog. Kristie has completely transformed Mocha. She no longer takes us for a walk, she is gentle with our children who climb all over her, and she listens and obeys our commands! Thank you, Kristie! We love our obedient pup!”

~ J. Kinsella

We were very impressed with the training provided by Oh Good Dog. Our puppy has responded every well to instructions. We also used them for boarding/grooming as well and the experience was outstanding. They provided updates and photos throughout his time there - which was very thoughtful. I highly recommend them for all your Dog needs!            - J. DeLozier


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