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Getting involved in sports is a great way to build confidence in, and streangthen your relationship with your dog. Not only is it healthy, it is also FUN! You don't have to be in it to win it, or even in it to compete, you can just get involved for exersice and enjoyment. I currently offer Agility, Disc (Frisbee), and Nose Work. If you are interested in any other sports please ask if they are privately available. I offer CGC, STAR Puppy Program, and Therapy Dog Prep.

Agility Classes

Private agility classes are $65.00. They are 45 minutes long. 


You can also rent the equipment for $25 an hour for the first dog, $10 per additional dog.


We have a disc club in the cooler months where we work together to build drive and skills. 

Please contact me if you are interested! 


I did Kristie's Click-a-Trick class, and I want to thank Kristie Tankard at Oh Good Dog for teaching Lolly our 5 month old Doberman and my 10 year old daughter a bunch of great tricks...  At just 7 months old she could sit,down,play dead, speak, zig zag your legs, sit pretty, do left and right commands, touch and more.  I was so amazed how quickly she was able to teach my daughter and her dog how to work together and show off a bunch of tricks.  I would absolutely recommend her training to any body interested in having a good relationship with their dog and teaching your dog some fun tricks while getting trained!  

Professional Pet
Grooming by appt.

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